Rodeo For A Cause


This rodeo season, the Alaska Youth Equestrian Club did something they hadn't done before. Coach Bradyn found out that one of his dearest friends' son, John, had fallen ill with an incredibly rare auto immune disease called Rasmussen's Encephalitis. This disease causes the brain to attack itself which in turn causes multiple seizures an hour. This disease required multiple surgeries including a hemispherectomy (separating the left and right hemisphere of the brain). When the teams found out about John's condition, they unanimously agreed to wearing the shirts pictured above during the 9/11 Tribute Rodeo held in Soldotna. All three teams wore the shirts during their performances as well as sold extra t-shirts to help John's family with  the financial burden of the extended stay in Houston, TX. Throughout the rodeo weekend, AKYEC raised over $1,100! Click on the picture to read the full article.

Thank You

The Alaska Youth Equestrian Club would like to send a huge thank you to Equine Assisted Therapy of Alaska for their continued support of our program through the use of their indoor arena. Without their sponsorship and support, we would struggle to practice all winter in order to perfect our drill pattern and tricks.

Also, a huge thank you to Don and Jill Johnson for opening up your home and property to host not only the Alaska Youth Equestrian Club riders, but also the coaches, horses, parents, and families for every Soldotna Rodeo this rodeo season.

Winter Practice Schedule



Varsity Drill 6:00-7:00



Trick 6:00-7:00

New Partnership

The Alaska Youth Equestrian Club is proud to announce that we are partnering with Project K-9 Hero to raise money to help retired Military Working Dogs and Police K-9 Heroes with medical expenses, food, and end of duty services. The mission of Project K-9 Hero is to protect those who protected our families, communities, and our America. Each K-9 Hero that is accepted into the program is allotted $3,000 per year for medical expenses. AKYEC would like to raise enough to cover one K-9 Hero for an entire year during our 2019 season.

Our Purpose

The goal and vision of the Alaska Youth Equestrian Club is to not only teach kids about horsemanship but also core values such as hard work, integrity, teamwork, responsibility, perseverance, and friendship.  We really believe in these kids, and the positive impact and lessons they learn from each other, the instructors, and the beautiful horses they ride. These are the youth forming our future and we believe in who they are and what they are going to aspire to be!

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Nancy Burroughs, without her continued support and creating a home for AYEC we would not be able to still be around.
Special thanks to the PARENTS that continue to support all the kids. From holding trick tape, fetching water, words of encouragement or making flag boots, these parents are the best and the teams would not be the same without them!
Important Dates

June 11-13th: Johnson Brothers Trick Clinic

June 17 - July 7th : No Practice (Coach's Wedding)

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